galip | ˈkaləb | adjective 1 a Khmer word that simply means “modern”. In everyday language, used to describe a person who is “cool” and / or “fashionable”


galip | ˈkaləb | adjective 1 also used to describe an emerging demographic group of young urban Cambodians that influence opinions, challenge traditional ideals, and drive change, thereby changing the way we view the Cambodian identity.

C2 Green Tea and Red Dragon Energy Drink digital work
4 November, 2013
Izzi Milk debuts on TV today
1 August, 2013
Natural Milk appoints galipmedia for iZZi Milk Launch
15 July, 2013
galipmedia scores BIG with Big Cola
10 June, 2013

C2 Green Tea and Red Dragon Energy Drink digital work

Date: 4 November, 2013

Universal Robina Corporation (URC), one of the Philippines largest snack and beverage companies, recently awarded social media and online advertising work to galipmedia for 2 of their biggest brands in Southeast Asia, C2 Green Tea and Red Dragon Energy Drink.

The 2 brands are URC's maiden offering and signals their official entry into the Cambodian market.  Distributed by IQPS, C2 and Red Dragon are now gaining momentum in distribution and marketing nationwide.

Izzi Milk debuts on TV today

Date: 1 August, 2013

Izzi Milk’s TV commercial goes on air for the first time today on popular TV stations, CTN, Bayon, Hang Meas TV, and cable channel PPCTV9.  

The TVC is a celebration of childhood.  It depicts children getting the most out of their youth whether at play or in school with Izzi Milk. Izzi Milk is a daily source of Palatinose, Synergy1 and natural micro-nutrients that can help kids become taller, healthier and smarter.   It comes in delicious Full cream, strawberry and Melon flavors, preferred by 9 out of 10 children.

You can also tune in to FM103, FM95, FM91 Battambang and FM102.5 Siem Reap to listen to Izzi Milk’s radio commercial.

Starting today, Izzi Milk is now available in major outlets in Cambodia.

Natural Milk appoints galipmedia for iZZi Milk Launch

Date: 15 July, 2013

Natural Milk recently appointed galipmedia its brand communications partner for Izzi Milk in Cambodia.

Izzi Milk is Vietnam’s leading flavored milk for kids 6 to 10 years old. Izzi uses only the finest milk sourced from New Zealand.  A technological achievement in nutrition, Izzi is a milk formula resulting from years of research in cooperation with Vietnam’s National Nutrition Institute.  It also performed well in blind taste tests where 9 out of 10 kids said that Izzi is tastier than other flavored milk brands.

With these stellar credentials, Izzi Milk’s goal is no less than to become Cambodia’s No. 1 flavored milk for kids.

This is an ambitious undertaking in Cambodia’s cluttered and highly competitive milk category.

galipmedia knew that critical towards achieving this goal was clear understanding of the Cambodian target and their milk consumption habits.  The Realizing that Izzi needed to communicate to 2 equally important targets with very distinct needs from the brand - moms as shopper and kids as final consumer – the team mined practicable insights to develop Izzi Milk’s cut-through launch campaign, with ATL, BTL, Digital and consumer engagement components.

Izzi Milk is targeted to launch in August 2013.

galipmedia scores BIG with Big Cola

Date: 10 June, 2013

In June 2013, Big Cola placed galipmedia at the helm of its digital media duties for Cambodia.

Big Cola’s key challenge to galipmedia was to develop a strategy that would deliver leadership in the digital space. By applying local insights to global and regional learnings from Big Cola, galipmedia launched the brand’s digital presence with remarkable results to date.

In its first month alone, Big Cola hit a record 12,000 Likes on its Facebook page (place link to FB page here), exceeding industry expectations and cementing Big Cola’s leadership in digital media. This feat is made even more exciting with Big Cola achieving record sales year-on-year, making it Cambodia’s 2nd largest soft beverage brand.

With “Think Big” at its core, Big Cola is known for its non-conformist stance and a prominent digital play is just one of many innovations it will introduce in this market.

And for the galipmedia team, it’s full steam ahead!